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Executive Overview

ZB Dubai Club is the NFTs-based platform which has a wide range of collections of NFTs of cars. The platform is unveiling its own NFT collections of exquisite sports cars with its Play to Earn (P2E) games car racing game in the metaverse. Here the users can mint the NFTs and receive enormous incentives by minting very valuable and potential NFTs, which generate huge benefits for the holders. Through their giveaways, the platform hopes to provide specific possibilities for their members and other users to get benefit from them as well. Further, the platform’s road map describes the future initiatives that will be undertaken to maximize the benefits for NFT holders and users. Before releasing any marketing materials, ZB Dubai Club was developing NFT artwork in the background. This has enabled us to observe the market and learn from the mistakes of others in this new and rapidly expanding business. The enthusiastic and passionate team of ZB Dubai Club is confident about ensuring quality and value to the users.


ZB Dubai Club is the largest NFTs-based platform based in Dubai. ZB Dubai Club setting out its own NFT collections of sports cars around the world. Users can mint the NFTs and get huge incentives through minting highly valuable and potential NFTs, which are creating a Hype of benefits for the holders. Dubai is well known for its cars and here the platform includes the most insane NFT car collectibles in Dubai. The platform has a unique collection of 5001 NFTs which are customized digital 3D car collectibles NFTs. This is the collection of limited NFTs which will create potential and opportunities for the users as the collection will start to sell and demand will rise which will give rise to the value of the NFTs. Certain features and incentives can only be earned and utilized by users who own NFTs, whether through holding or otherwise.

P2E Game

The users are provided with the opportunities to play the game in the Metaverse and get some earning through it. Play to earn game offers the users to make money by utilising their time of game play along with fun and entertainment. It will be a car racing game in the Metaverse which the users and the gamers will be able to play with their base player. The users will be able to earn in the game with their own unique NFT car that they are holding or owning. Users or gamers will also earn through making different attempts and achievement in the game like completing different laps and drifting etc. will give them points and they can earn money through converting the points to the real money. The users will also utilise in game items to compete their mission by utilising lands, clubs and cars etc.

The users can also earn money through staying offline by lending or renting their assets to other users who will use their assets for in-game activities and the lenders will get the percentage of earning from the players while utilizing the rented NFT of the owner. Therefore, the renter is actively playing and earning, whereas the holder is continually earning and utilising the NFT despite not actively playing. The owner can also use its NFTs for earning through staking them and remaining offline. They will earn more through the play to earn gaming platform in the Metaverse.

Giveaways opportunities

ZB Dubai Club wants to make certain opportunities for their holders and other users through their giveaways. The first holder of the NFTs will be given $5000 for minting the first-ever NFT on the platform. There will be given The Grand GTR to the holder or the owner of Blood Red Monster which is considered the most insane giveaway ever. The giveaway means that the real car will be given to the owner. Fully Sponsored Dubai Trip and $2000 will be given to the random NFT holder of ZB Dubai Club. There will be ZB merch for selected members where the merchandise will be rewarded for 100 whitelists and 200 mints. These giveaways are conducted to promote the use of blockchain technology and NFTs which will help the people to get rich and build their own assets.


The roadmap of ZB Dubai Club narrates the future endeavor which will be taken for the cause of NFT holders and users to give them maximum benefit. The four stages of the roadmap are given below in detail.

Stage 1

First 1,000 Monsters

  • Over 100 ZB merchandise will be gifted to the members of this phase.
  • Joining the group will have early access to get hold of the collectibles.

Stage 2

Over 2,000 Monsters

  • $5,000 giveaway for 1 lucky collectible.
  • Over 200 ZB merchandise will be gifted to the members of this phase.
  • Announcement of the initiative of the racing game in which our club members will have exclusive rights to use their cars.
  • Fully sponsored trips to Dubai for certain collectible owners.

Stage 3

Collection Sold Out.


Stage 4


  • Revelation of Metaverse
  • Play to Earn game where users will earn through their NFT character
  • Introducing Lands, Clubs and cars in the Metaverse
  • Offline and online earning from the NFTs and P2E gaming


The vision of the ZB Dubai Club NFT collection is to present such a collection to the people, which will help people to invest in the digital arts to grow in a competitive environment. They will have a play to earn gaming platform in the Metaverse which will help them to make assets and earn real money. Through our ZB NFT Collection, we aim to expand the NFT market through blockchain adoption. The ZB Dubai Club aims to offer a location where users can trade and hold NFTs in a safe and secure environment where their assets are shielded. We intend to develop a platform where users are rewarded with various freebies proportional to their investment. This copyright ownership will be established and ensured, and users will have access to NFTs that are unique and immutable.

Through our ZB NFT collection, our mutual goal is to create a world where artists, investors, and other people may achieve things not conceivable in the real world, thereby making dreams a reality. As our primary purpose is to benefit our NFT holders, they will gain considerably more from the freebies. We wish for the community to profit from the trading and holding of our NFTs of magnificent automobiles and monsters given by the ZB Dubai Club, thereby monetizing their experience by trading and holding ZB NFTs.

Our team is committed to giving users the greatest experience possible by offering giveaways, prizes, and growth opportunities. This will be accomplished with new technology, exhaustive research, and NFT knowledge. By utilizing key partners with expertise in NFTs and blockchain development, NFT marketing, and expanding our user base, we would like to further improve and expand the capabilities of the Platform.

Market Research

Before introducing any type of marketing materials, ZB Dubai Club had this in the works, developing NFT art in the background. This has allowed us to watch the market and learn from others’ mistakes in this new and quickly expanding industry. Unlike competitors in this business, we will not use pricey ‘gas-heavy’ cryptocurrencies to make them accessible to more people. We can profit from the hindsight of other initiatives by correctly timing our entry into the space and positioning ourselves on the correct path to grow with ease, whether that be concerning the Best NFT collection for which we foresee future potential, etc.

We plan to develop our community into a multitude of dedicated and active members, but we prioritize quality above number in every area – beginning with Discord. We want to market and advertise through key strategic partners based on the merits of our NFT collection. However, we are not seeking to be overhyped before launching, but rather to establish a robust and quality user base for long-term involvement.


An NFT is a digital asset that replicates real-world components, such as artwork, music, in-game goods, and motion pictures. Typically, they are encoded using the same software as the vast majority of other cryptocurrencies, and they are commonly acquired and sold online alongside other cryptocurrencies. Even though NFTs have been accessible since 2014, they are becoming an increasingly popular way to acquire and trade digital art. Non-financial activities have cost a staggering $174 million since November 2017. The market for non-financial derivatives rises by a factor of three every quarter. According to data from NFT Marketplaces, NFT sales reached around $2.5 billion in the second quarter of 2020, up from $13.7 million in the first half of 2020. These NFTs may be digital photographs, movies, or other in-game commodities that are traded on several NFT marketplaces. Artists and owners of digital artworks are both recorded on the blockchain. As long as they are registered on the blockchain, they can trade digital assets or NFTs on the various Marketplaces. The ZB NFT market will adhere to the same standards. NFTs are popular with investors because of their immense growth potential; there are numerous NFT marketplaces, including Opensea, where June 2020 sales exceeded records.

Since March, buyers have outnumbered sellers on the Ethereum blockchain, according to This changes depending on the nature of the transaction. In the first half of 2021, DappRadar estimates $2.5 billion in sales across different blockchains. has eradicated nearly $8 billion in “DeFi” NFTs by investing $1.3 billion. Both organizations monitor transactions that take place entirely “on-chain.” Multiple significant NFT transactions take place “off-chain,” necessitating manual data entry. Christie’s auctioned a digital photograph for $69.3 million in March. Then, a “CryptoPunk” painting was sold for $11.8 million at Sotheby’s. In June, there were 246,000 buyers and sellers on the NBA’s Top Shot marketplace, down from 403,000 in March. The “momentary” price of Top Shot fell from $182 in February to $27 in June. As the popularity of NFTs diminished, alternative instruments gained ground. The Bored Ape Yacht Club is comprised of ten thousand inactive digital ape tokens. On July 1, a gorilla sold on OpenSea for $3,600, up from $215 in April. Yuga Labs reports that the club’s income exceeds $61 million. predicts that non-fungible token sales would surpass $17 billion by 2021. The study, conducted in collaboration with the research firm L’Atelier, which is owned by BNP Paribas, found that trade in NFTs reached $17.6 billion in 2017, a spectacular 21000 percent increase from the $82 million in 2020. NFTs are transferable assets that enable the blockchain to track ownership of a particular digital asset, such as an artwork or a video game character. The previous year, they had a profound effect on the collective psyche.